Place Single order if necessary, 2R/3R/4R are available. The user will receive a confirmation SMS for each order on the coming morning, printouts will be mailed to the designated local address in the following two days.


$1 per each printout (Same price for 2R/3R/4R)
Additional costs on packaging and mailing are applied:

1-20pcs $3.0
21-50pcs $4.5
51-90pcs $8.5

*The maximium amount of single-order by each user is $200 monthly.

For more details or billing enquiry, please directly contact 3HK.

Cancelation of single-order

If place the single-order by any mistake, please remove all images in order to cancel that order. Users are required to remove all images of the single-order at the same day (order day). Refund is not permitted when the invoice is being processed.